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In reality, the one who heals is not always “right.” In conventional medicine, healing is not the only goal because procedures must be done according to the standards defined by the medical mainstream.

One of my esteemed teachers of homeopathy, more precisely of homotoxicology, would often say in defense of homeopathy, “The one who heals is the one who is right.” I will admit that it was obviously not the most scientific statement, but it still reflects some common sense.

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According to an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (Starfield, 2000), our healthcare system is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer. (1)

The same article states, “In the blind reliance on drugs, surgery, technology and medical establishments, the American medical system has inflicted more harm than good on the U.S. population.” Starfield’s article also states that, “In order to improve the medical system, American policymakers and the medical establishment need to adopt a comprehensive approach and critically examine the failure of the richest country in the world to provide decent healthcare for its people.”

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It is fascinating to recognize that when you start to study quantum medicine, your mind opens to the movement of subtle energy both internally and externally, and you begin to perceive the individual as both microcosm and macrocosm.

With today’s understanding of quantum physics, it is no longer a stretch to realize that we are not islands but are connected with the whole universe. Many scientists are now revealing other dimensions or parallel universes and are even challenging the notion of time. (Stuart Hameroff, M.D.)

The Atomic Heart, a concept that belongs to Taoist Medicine, is the quantum model that allows you to understand the movement of subtle energy in relation to the morphogenetic field and the organs and meridians associated with it.

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The challenge for consciousness-based medicine is to integrate the notion of personal growth, where the individual shifts from functioning in an ego self-centered mode to a more universal self mode. This is a model of healing where the role of an integrative doctor will be to facilitate the transcendence of the ego-character to allow for the emergence of the quantum self.

See the example below of the heart and emotions related to the heart meridian (where the self mode is in balance, and the ego mode is in insufficiency or excess). Remember, when the individual is in ego mode, the morphogenetic field is in a state of contraction. Anger, for example, creates energetic disturbances and imbalances in the physical and subtle bodies.

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Today when we analyze our society at different levels, we tend to use filters that are often divisive and seldom creative. For example, we use the term theocracy in contrast to the secular world, socialism versus capitalism, and conventional compared to alternative medicine.

This tendency is actually very helpful at some level to further a better understanding of the differences between the various dualities and why these different points of view are difficult to resolve.

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Traveling through India, Nepal, and China, I was impressed by the density of the populations. At first I felt overwhelmed by the diversity of social organization, and then I began to realize that within these diverse societies a new way of looking at reality has been emerging from the discovery of the principles of quantum physics.

During the last 50 years, this new culture has already reached a significant number of people from many different spiritual and social backgrounds throughout the world. I identify this phenomenon the “Quantum Culture.”

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The idea of spontaneous healing related to consciousness, as brought forth by Dr. Deepak Chopra with his best-selling book in the nineties, Quantum Healing, revolutionized the world of Quantum Medicine. Unexpectedly, Dr. Chopra noted that patients who medicine had discarded or predicted a fatal outcome for would heal after experiencing a new awareness about their situation. A vocabulary emerged to describe the workings of these ‘magical’ healings as a ‘Quantum leap of awareness.’

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Heal the world. Heal yourself.

The intention of Project Noosphere is to create a unique global consciousness accelerator that will facilitate and support the health of individuals, as well the whole planet.

This project will implement the regrouping of a critical mass of the world’s population (1%) that will focus on individual and social coherence to generate more harmony, peace, and healing.

Would you agree that 1000 minds are more powerful than one?

Scientific studies support the statement that prayer and meditation through nonlocal intention can heal at a distance, and if we could reach a critical mass of 1%, we could shift collective negative and criminal behavior to a more a peaceful state.

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A year ago after the World Congress of Quantum Medicine 2014, the most successful ever, Alexis (my son) and I came up with a new idea which became like the effect of the “flap of a butterfly’s wings“ and surprised everybody: a World Summit online!

A year later, the World Summit has created an enormous wave in the field of consciousness that will impact the online community of Integrative Medicine going forward. Already more than 21,000 subscribers, 150,000 views, and millions of visitors have been touched by this free event, which will be available on demand for an entire year. Viewers can upgrade to a premium membership at any time to gain access to the outstanding keynote speakers.

Knowledge and creativity are the driving forces that have been a major factor in the evolution of any society.

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In recent blogs, I wrote about the concept of the Noosphere as “the sphere of thought encircling the earth that has emerged through evolution as a consequence of the growth in complexity / consciousness,” and also of the urgency to manifest a collective healing presence worldwide. I also reflected on the ”Oath of Hippocrates,” asking the question: Why can’t we see how far modern medicine is from it’s original intention, resulting in a doomed healthcare system that has lost the sense of globalism and life.

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