A Look at the Future of Medicine

A Look at the Future of Medicine

Some of the top minds and best-known speakers in the field of Integrative Medicine are featured through live broadcasts, videos on-demand, online chat rooms and attendee hangouts, virtual exhibitor booths, and additional bonus media. The World Summit of Integrative Medicine (WSIM) is a unique opportunity for innovative healthcare education.
The inspiration for the World Summit comes from this idea from my book, Creative Integrative Medicine:
“The tree of medicine must be transplanted into new soil, where its roots can deepen and intertwine to reach a more complex source of healing knowledge and bring together all traditions of healing, ancient and modern.”
The concept of Creative Integrative Medicine is to “redesign the medical curriculum based upon an updated model of science defined by the premises of quantum physics that allows modern medicine to blossom now in a new multidimensional model of healing open to the full potentiality of the individual.”
The World Summit of Integrative Medicine 2015 responds to the urgency to gather together around this new perception of reality that will reveal the infinite potentiality of human beings.
The World Summit showcases renowned speakers, doctors, scientists, and researchers aligned with this profound and more humanistic vision of reality: Dr. Amit Goswami, Nassim Haramein, Dr. Lissa Rankin, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Dean Radin, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Yury Kronn, Dr. Patrick Porter, Caroline Myss, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, Dr. Joan Borysenko, Gregg Braden, Rupert Sheldrake, David “Avocado” Wolfe, and others, along with thousands of participants from five continents.
A unique feature of the Summit is the Health Innovators competition, looking for the best health innovations of the year 2015. The “Health Innovator” Competition is similar to the television show “American Idol,” with an opportunity for attendees to vote for their favorite speakers. The 14 winners of the first phase have been chosen to be among the speakers at the Summit and are now eligible to compete for the top award, an opportunity to become faculty and produce a 4-hour course for Quantum University.
WSIM also recognizes that there are already innovations in the health market that are in alignment with the vision of the Summit. A select group of sponsors will be presenting exciting innovations in health care: products, technology, and services related to Holistic, Natural and Integrative Medicine.
WSIM is an opportunity to be part of an historic moment that will shift the world consciousness of Integrative Medicine.